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Ten years of working experience, graduated from Central South University of Political Science and Law with a master's degree in law, good at handling divorce cases, and has helped XX foreigners settle marriage cases in China.

Yin Qing
Contract law, Fa...

Qing has been engaged in the legal profession for seven years, and has handled more than 300 cases and offered legal services to more than 20 companies.

Bao Yarui
Family Law

Versed in the intersection of business operations management and legal profession.

Huang Rong
Family law

Rong has dealt with hundreds of civil lawsuits and legal aid cases, and served as a house counsel and a community counsel for a long time.

Zhou Ming
Senior Lawyer
Family Law

Head of the Explorer Team at P&B Law Firm. Good at designing, legal services, and innovation, with legal practice.

Li Hao
Senior Lawyer
Labor disputes

Rich experience in corporate governance, contracts, and foreign affairs.

Li Yufang
Senior Lawyer
Family Law

Family Law, Claims and Debts, Company and Contract Has the practice qualification of judge, prosecutor and Corporate Legal Adviser.

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